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“Should I Forgive My Girlfriend After She Did This” – Man Seeks Advice
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Good morning good people,please don’t mind my grammatical errors coz I’m not that good.

I’m 28yrs, working and I had a gf of 21yrs. we are very good together and I love her so much. we started dating a year ago and I told her what can make me breakup with her which is cheating. she swear never to cheat on me coz she loves me. (she’s a virgin when I met her).

But after 6months of dating, I suspect she’s still attached to her ex.. they are very close. I warned her but she said she’ll rather break up with me than to cheat. she swear never to do that. I accepted but I keep watching and been sensitive.

Fast-forward to last month, I checked her fone for the 1st time. she don’t expect it. I notice she’s eager to get her fone back but I don’t care. I checked and I notice she and her ex are having romantic affairs (no sex though) ..

I confronted her but ever since den she kept begging. her friends keep begging.

I’m a type that if u cheat on me, no matter how much I love u, d love will dropped totally. one of my ex did same, despite our relationship is 4 years, I broke up with her.

She’s so afraid and keep saying she can’t leave me Coz I’m d one that disvirgin her, but I wish to leave.

She said she never mean to do all those bull’poo with her ex, but I let her know that she still have feelings for him.

Each time I remember, I felt hurt and wish to quit. whenever she come to my place, she’ll beg from morning till evening but that doesn’t move me.

Do you think it right to break up with her?
Let’s hear from you
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