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Man Gets Electrocuted After Falling Asleep While Playing Games On His Charging Phone [Photos]
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A man has been electrocuted after falling asleep while playing video games on his phone.

A young video gamer was electrocuted after he fell asleep while playing on his phone that was plugged into the mains.

Sastra Mo-in, 25, was playing online multiplayer games on his various devices while in his bed in Chonburi, Thailand, last Friday.

One of the smartphones was plugged into the mains with a charging cable.

His aunt, Watchareeporn Mo-in, 57, found him the next morning and noticed he wasn’t moving when she walked in to clean the house.

She said Sastra’s body was purple and that his left hand was lying next to the plug covered in burn marks.

She immediately turned the electricity off at the fuse box and called the police.

She said:-

‘My nephew always spent so much time on his bed using his phones and electronic games with a plug nearby.

‘There were so many nights that I saw him fall asleep while his phones were still plugged in.’

Police arrived and inspected the body and confirmed that he was already dead.

Rescue workers took the body for a post-mortem examination before traditional burial services.

Police said they were not treating the death as suspicious and had not opened an investigation into the death.

A police report into the incident put the death down to ‘electrocution caused by mobile phone’ and said there were no signs of an intruder.

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